This Weeks Highlights

Barhite and Holzinger is about to embark on a renovation of our digital image with the help of Chris Hays out in Las Vegas, excited to be working with someone as much experience in the business as Chris. A total re-branding will take place. With new listings on the horizon in Eastchester and Fleetwood, the market is starting to cook as homes are selling in under 30 days. We look forward to the makeover of the digital image at our Bronxville office and cant wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

On a personal note.

The morning started out with a flag football game that was originally intended to be a co-ed game, until no girls volunteered to play. Nonetheless we played our hearts out over at Cook Field over in Yonkers, but there was huge upset as my team lost by three touchdowns in a ruthless second half. No worries, there’s always next time.


Sunday is the day that I like to share about gratitude. I am grateful that the track is right across from where I live on Lincoln Avenue in Eastchester, making it very difficult for me to evade my plans to start running on a regular basis. I am grateful for my mentors and coaches that have taught me to act aggressively on behalf of my clients and have told me to set the standard higher in my industry by making it a client focused, service based business, special thanks to Steve Hess, Johan Tola, and Jamal Hadi for being excellent examples of GREAT brokers who are on the front lines of the Real Estate Industry. I am grateful to see our first beautiful 70 degree day in April along with a day spent with loved ones, i’m supposed to take the day off but I had to quickly do some Real Estate research and reading, I cant help it. Enjoy your Sunday.

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