Liberty Paintball

New obsession has become paintball.

Private party game up at Libety Paintball in Thunder Ridge followed by excellent burgers and fries at the Rooster was an event that is without parallel.


Oasis Support

Thank you to the support of some great New Rochelle City advisors such as Haina Just-Michael, Jim KIlloran, and NR Future the Oasis Spring Fling fundraiser was able to raise about $3500 for the restoration of the home that supports our homeless on Washington Avenue in New Rochelle.

It was an awesome joint effort that was successful in raising awareness and some funding for the upkeep of the home, special thank you to Larry Mosley, Emma Murphy, and John and Julie Larkin whom came out representing the John Keogh Council in Tuckahoe Knights of Columbus, thank you all for your support!

Mothers Day

Eastchester NY.

Could not help but think of my wonderful mother and all the great things that she has done for my family and I today.

Don’t believe I would be able to to fill her shoes, and if I was in her shoes I don’t believe I could have done half the job that she has done. The sacrifice of sleep, time, and in many cases sanity makes her the closest thing to a saint that i’ve known.

Today i’m grateful for my mother, and my sisters whom in many cases were like mothers to me while I was growing up. There is nothing more precious on this earth than the unconditional tender love and care of the women in our lives.

Cant forget to mention my lovely girlfriend Emma as well. I’d be lost without these women in my life.

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