Eastchester and Tuckahoe School District Single Family Housing Market

EastchesterThis data has been adopted from the Hudson Gateway Multiple listing service and has been interpreted for the homeowner who is curious as to how their home may be valued in todays market. The data is centrally focused on the town of Eastchester, and the two villages within it Tuckahoe and Bronxville.

The average home within these districts is a 4 bedroom 2 and a half bath colonial that is approximately 2,174 square feet.  The average sales price has increased to approximately $801,697 from the former average sales price of approximately 750,000, marking an increase of approximately 6.37% in the average sales price in the both Tuckahoe and Eastchester School Districts.

These increases can be marked by low inventory in the marketplace and pent up demand, many purchasers within the county as a whole are distraught because they are faced with bidding wars for single family homes, and although they have the opportunity to obtain some of the lowest interest rates on a conventional loan that have ever been seen, they are troubled with finding the right property, and the ever increasing sales prices.


The only lag we have seen in the market has been the luxury homes such as those in Lake Isle Estates or the Bronxville PO estate section of Tuckahoe. The average days on market for these homes is nearly a year at 317 days.


All in all, in todays market it is nice to be selling your home, but make sure you have a good idea of where are you are going! Because being on the buying side can be pretty troublesome in Westchester County.


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