Preparing Your Home For Sale

One of the most common questions I am asked by sellers is “what do I do to get my home ready to go on the market”?

There are a couple of factors that will effect my answer to this question, the first being, what is your budget?

The second factor is, will the current market conditions in your neighborhood warrant a good return on your money?

Taking those two line items into account is important information before putting any money into the home, many people say to themselves “well, a buyer will just come in and change everything around anyway”, while that may be true, there is also a psychological influence on the buyer that helps them make a buying decision when the house has undergone at least some basic modifications and/or renovations.

In our current market in the Town of Eastchester, in which there is high demand for move-in ready homes, it does make complete sense to prepare your home for sale and invest into your home.

Although there are basic guidelines we provide to sellers in getting the home ready and they are as follows:

  1. De-Clutter- Our professional in house stager John Mendes with Ready-Set-Done based in Mamaroneck states that “if its smaller than a basketball, it should be put away as though your ready to move”, this includes small items such as family photo’s, book’s, magnets on the refrigerator and other small knick-knacks should be stored away. This will allow a purchaser to envision themselves living in your home.
  2. Deep Clean- Thoroughly clean all vent’s, electrical outlets, baseboard, molding, wall scuff’s and the WINDOWS, you really want to make sure that the windows are clean and you allow light to come into the home.
  3. Curb Appeal- The first impression of the home is no doubt important, so you may want to get the landscaper over to your home to neatly trim your front yard or hedges, plant some florals and put some arrangements by the front door, and paint the front door with a neutral tone high gloss.
  4. Remove Odors- You may not even be aware of the smoke smells or pet odors in your home, though guests will be. Its important to get a neutral odor eliminator that is not too dominant in your home, smells can really turn off buyers!
  5. Paint- Paint, paint, paint. A fresh coat of paint can really make a home look more updated, be careful and use neutral tones and nothing too vibrant that may turn off buyers.

As stated before, if your wondering whether or not to renovate your kitchen and or/ bathroom’s, that’s more of a question that reflects upon your market conditions and is location specific. If yours looking for a professional stager, John Mendes can be reached at 914-588-1429 or for a free consultation you can reach out to the Francis Morris Real Estate Group at 914-500-9194.


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