Villa BXV Comes to Bronxville

village-of-bronxville-4-of-4The moment that many commuters and Westchester lovers have been waiting for, luxury condominiums directly in the village of Bronxville that feature all the necessary amenities for Millennials such as indoor parking, large open layout kitchens, and some units featuring private balconies and patios, and of course… location, location, location. The Villa is located just moments from the Bronxville Train Station.


Many of the buildings in Bronxville are quite elegant, pre-war buildings in which the construction does meet the standards of many buyers in todays market. Parking is limited, and many have railroad style kitchens. So this is a very exciting time for millennials and young families that have been dyeing to see some new construction, although its not like there is plenty of space to work with in the Village.


The other issue is the amount of inventory available for sale in such a small vicinity. When apartments go up on the market at buildings like 1 Cedar Street Condominiums, or Midland Gardens, they seem to fly off the market to the highest bidder. The Village is also pretty scarce on condominium ownership, which some buyers seemingly prefer. Bronxville Villa will certainly have a competitive edge on the some of the other Condo buildings in the area such as 64 Sagamore Road, 1 Cedar Street, and 12 Meadow.

As of today,   approximately 60% of the units have already sold, and the estimated completion date of the building is September 2017.

And If you know of anyone who is thinking of buying or selling Real Estate in our area, Reach out to Frank Morris at 914-500-9194!



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