Selling your home in the first quarter

barhite-logoMany homeowners put off selling their home around the holidays for obvious reasons in Westchester County. Between the weather and added stress of the holiday season, it just doesn’t feel like a good time for many homeowners to list their property, besides, the spring market is the strongest, right?

Yes and no, there are benefits to listing your property for sale in the Winter and around the holiday season. Firstly, the first quarter is a big job transfer season for many purchasers, therefore these people are looking around the holidays for a new home. Secondly, you can be sure that the buyers that are looking at homes are motivated, people who go out and look at homes to purchase when there is snow on the ground and with the holidays around the corner are potentially more serious buyers, and there is a less a chance of those buyers that sellers dread coming around and just looking at a home for the heck of it. Lastly, the fact that most homeowners do not put their homes on the market at this time makes for less competition for you when listing your home, the less competition, the better your home shows on the market.

Regardless, most sellers wait until the second quarter to list their home for sale. The sun is shining, and it just feels more motivating to sell and show the home, we can understand this. Although, listing in the first quarter may be more beneficial to the seller. The same principles apply to the holiday season as do the first quarter, and perhaps even more so. Like the sellers, purchasers also fall into the belief that there will be more inventory after the holidays, therefore many buyers are on their toes waiting for January 2nd to come around. This is somewhat true, as inventory does start to come back on the market at that time, although many sellers will still wait until the spring or summer. We believe if you choose to list in the first quarter, you will be able to find those high urgency buyers that have waited for the holidays to end, and you will face less competition then in the spring and summer market.

We hope this makes sense and is helpful to our sellers!

Remember, if you are local to Eastchester and are looking to buy or sell Real Estate, please keep us in mind!





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