Choose the right Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right Real Estate Agent matters, you are going to ask for representation in the sale of one of your largest assets and get tied up into a contract that is worth thousands of dollars, don’t you think its a good idea to get a second opinion before you ask your neighbor who has held their license for 20 years and sold a few homes?

Firstly, our personal marketing plan and negotiation techniques have yielded sellers on average 2.9% more on the sale of their home. The average agent sells a home for 96.4% of the list price, while we have yielded our sellers 99.3% of list price, on average.

Here is a scary statistic, 72% of sellers interview only one agent to sell their home.  There are many great agents out there, but this is scary because the industry standard for professionalism, customer service, and proper representation is low, the many people that have had poor experiences with Realtors can confirm this. Most people are going with the first agent they meet.


Here are a couple of thinks that I believe are definitive in choosing the right Real Estate Agent to represent you whether you are buying or selling your home.


  • Firstly, you want someone that you can trust, ultimately, you want to be sure that this person is going to genuinely work in your best interest when handling the sale of your home. You want someone who brings principled living into their work and will not only tell you the truth, but present you with all the facts and data you need to make a decision.
  • make sure that your agent is full time, if you want someone who is truly going to market your home properly, and has enough contacts in their rolodex to bring you a buyer, and knows all the moving parts to a Real Estate transaction to avoid pitfalls, your agent must be a full time agent. Sadly, there are many part time agents out there that give sellers and buyers very poor representation, and this could end very badly for a seller or buyer given all the moving parts of Real Estate transaction. From the very beginning, getting your home prepped, pre-sale inspections, checking the file with the building department for any issues, the photography, all the way through qualifying buyers, negotiation, and contracts to closing! On the buying side, Realtors often hear horror stories of buyers approaching for sale buy owners, thinking that they are going to get a great deal with an agent out of the equation, only to learn there is some issue with the Certificate of Occupancy, or the home will not appraise at the asking value, this is why you need representation. Choose a full time professional!
  • Experience, has the realtor ever sold in your area, or sold homes comparable to yours? This is important because there are different elements to each specific property type, varying from co-op to single family all the way to commercial transactions. Feedback from past clients or referrals from people within your network can prove to be powerful, although we definitely suggest you get a second opinion and interview at least two realtors.
  • Ask the agent questions regarding recent sales and their knowledge of the local neighborhood, make sure you feel confident that they know the area and are selling regularly. This is especially important as you ask them to guide you on pricing, because neighborhoods can be extremely hyperlocal as you know, you may have one block and lot of properties that historically yield higher or lower values due to a circumstance that is not obvious to the realtor that is not familiar with your neighborhood. Overpricing or underpricing can affect your net value, so make sure you get an agent who is well educated on the area.

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