Building Smart Homes

Manufacturers, along with the help of builders and brand new homeowners, have developed several innovative products to design what is referred to as “smart homes”. You can now connect virtually every appliance in your home to a smartphone or tablet.

One of the very first innovations was smart thermostats, in which users could connect their thermostats to their networks and control the heating and air conditioning using their mobile device or smart device. Apple lead the way for many of these devices, starting with the nest smart home thermostat system. Honeywell has also designed comparable products. Now, homeowners can connect virtually anything that is powered by electricity to their network from their lighting system, their refrigerators, and all the way to their home theatre’s.

All electronics are coded for different functions, down to turning off the light in your closet, these functions are becoming a network of operations that can be controlled through smart devices and the use of radio waves. These radio waves can signal functions to each and every device that is connected to the network.


Some of the products that consumers are equipping their homes with are cameras throughout the entire house and around the perimeter. Smart security systems that connect to all windows and doors, and can notify homeowners as to whether or not their doors were left ajar or windows are open. These smart systems can also connect to your lighting system, which can be great in saving money on the electrical bill. They can connect to your coffee maker, and can notify you of a fire alarm. Your smart home can even connect with the plumbing within your home to keep you from leaving faucets open.


This may be the new horizon of a different style of home, the smart home. For people who are not particularly tech-savvy, a smart home is perhaps not the best choice. Though as people become more accustomed to smart phones and tablets, the integration into smart home technology can seemingly be huge in the years to come.


Frank Morris

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

71 Pondfield Road

Bronxville NY 10708


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