Westchester’s Top 3 Housing Styles



While working with plenty of buyers and sellers in the Westchester County area, we have compiled a list of what we believe is Westchester County residents top three favorite housing styles and their descriptions. Curb appeal is huge when you are selling your home, and in our opinion these three styles are some of our buyers favorite homes!

3. Cape Cods




cape cod-2


Typically consisting of one and half stories, Cape Cods have dormered ceilings on the second level and were adopted from Britain’s single family housing style that were ultimately built to create mid priced homes. They stand out due to their prominent dormered second level and windows on the second story. Typically they are not oversized, so generally they fall into an affordable and cute style for many first time home buyers.


2. Tudors



Another adoption of an English style home which is known for prominent gabled roofs that have a sharp pitch and the interiors are known for timber support beams. The exterior is a mixture of this timber and classical brick. These homes in England were considered ones of prominence and are known to be able to withstand several different climates, which is why they are really popular along the east coast. Many neighborhoods within Westchester can be seen flooded with Tudors, especially Crestwood section of Yonkers or Fleetwood Mount Vernon.

  1. Colonials




Westchester Counties favorite style home is no doubt the center hall colonial. The original American style home which began being built as early as the 1600’s by our first settlers in America. Colonial homes are known for their perfect symmetry, with evenly spaced out windows, a center hall staircase leading to the upper level, and perfectly rectangular dimensions of the floor plan and exterior walls.


Feel free to comment below on your favorite home style!


As always, if you are thinking about buying or selling Real Estate in Westchester County, give us a call today!


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