Eastchester 350th Anniversary

Eastchester recently celebrated its 350th anniversary as a township, the town pre-dates the revolutionary war, and was settled originally by puritan farmers who moved from Connecticut. The first area of settlement was in the Northern Bronx, Eastchester once encompassed a much larger land mass and stretched as far South as the present day Bronx, and covered the entire area of what is today known as the City of Mount Vernon. Most of the people whom lived in Eastchester traded crops in the nearby market in Central New York City. Eventually much of the land that was known as Eastchester would become annexed by the Bronx borough and the City of Mount Vernon at and around California Road in Eastchester.


At the time settling in this area was not what it would be like today. The winters could be deadly, and the families often came under attack by Native American tribes. The local wildlife, which included bears and rattlesnakes, offered another obstacle for the settlers. The reason that the settlers came to Eastchester is widely speculated, though often a movement was inspired by issues arising in local churches or a lack of food and or water.


The towns original peoples were of Christian belief, and the these values were virtually embedded into the township. The first document recorded is known as the Eastchester Covenant, which is symbolic of the new settlers of the Americas striving for independence from tyranny in Great Britain. The document reflected a governing body that was made up of the citizens of Eastchester.

A deeper understand of the roots of the town definitely make one feel more connected to its history, and it is pleasant to know that the original settlers held dear to their hearts the same principles that present day Americans do, such as freedom of speech, the right to vote, and equality amongst all individuals.

We hope this blog was informative and helpful to those who are interested in learning about the roots of this awesome town.


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160 Chestnut Ridge Road with Fredrik Eklund

Tomorrow September 21st starting at 5:30 Fredrik Eklund will be hosting an exclusive property preview in Bedford Corners at 160 Chestnut Ridge Road! Co-host’s will be Jonathan Miller, John Gomes, Owen Berkowitz, Nancy Strong, Carol Marrone, and Stacey Oestreich.


Team members Frank Morris and Ashley Caputo of Barhite and Holzinger Inc. in Bronxville will also be attending the event at the luxury property located in Westchester County, light fare and beverages will be served.


This newly built 13,000 square foot home features 6 bedrooms and 7 and half bathrooms, the list price is 8.7 Million.


Sunday is the day that I like to share about gratitude. I am grateful that the track is right across from where I live on Lincoln Avenue in Eastchester, making it very difficult for me to evade my plans to start running on a regular basis. I am grateful for my mentors and coaches that have taught me to act aggressively on behalf of my clients and have told me to set the standard higher in my industry by making it a client focused, service based business, special thanks to Steve Hess, Johan Tola, and Jamal Hadi for being excellent examples of GREAT brokers who are on the front lines of the Real Estate Industry. I am grateful to see our first beautiful 70 degree day in April along with a day spent with loved ones, i’m supposed to take the day off but I had to quickly do some Real Estate research and reading, I cant help it. Enjoy your Sunday.

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