Staging Your Home For Sale

Statistically 49% of buyers are influenced in their decision based on whether or not a home is staged for sale or not according to buyers agents and the National Association of Realtors. We offer a complimentary walkthrough with our personal staging expert as apart of our services!

Here are some tips to getting your home prepped for sale:

Paint- a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference! neutral colors are always a good choice, off whites, light blues and green etc. You would be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint will brighten up the interior. Painting the exterior can be costly, so you may want to paint your front door over and give the home some curb appeal, a high gloss will give an extra shine to the front door and give your buyers a good first impression. Kitchens and bathroom’s sell homes, so instead of replacing tile work in the kitchen or bathroom you may want to consider using some ceramic epoxy.

Declutter- You want to allow a purchaser to envision themselves living in the home, therefore remove any personal belonging such as family photos, refrigerator magnets, and any other Knick knacks that can be stored away. Less is more, and you want to open the space so a prospective buyer can visualize their own unique wants.

Light- Allowing adequate light into your home is very important and your home shows much better when the sun can do its job and brighten the space. You want to make sure that all windows are thoroughly cleaned and the blinds are opened to allow as much natural light as possible to come in.

Odors- You may not realize it, but almost every home has a unique scent, especially if you have pets. Before you go to market and while showing the home, make sure your home ventilates properly by opening the windows and leaving them open for 24 hours, their are also many non scented odor eliminators that you can place around the home, be careful to not overdo any deodorizer you spray if you choose to do so, and no funky flavors, use typical air fresheners.

Kitchen and Bath- If your budget allows, updating the kitchen and bathrooms will be money well spent. Stainless steel appliances can be purchased used for bargain prices, and re-tiling the backsplash and bathroom can go along way, just make sure if you decide to renovate, that you commit, it does not make sense to have outdated cabinets and countertops and stainless steel appliances, and in the bathroom it does not make sense to re-tile if you are not going to replace an old vanity. Kitchen and Bathroom are good places to see a return on investment.

Spruce Up- If your budget is tight, some Murphys oil to the flooring can go a long way if you have wood floors, if you have carpeting be sure to have it professionally steam cleaned. Check the tile work in your bathroom for any grout or caulking that needs to be replaced, buyers notice these things!

Curb Appeal- You don’t get a second chance to give the buyer a first impression, so make sure your lawn and shrubbery is well maintained and put some potted plants on the porch in front of the door, as stated above, remember high glosses for front doors for an extra shine.

Define the room- If you have nooks or extra rooms it is important to give it a purpose and define it for the buyer, and extra room can be staged as an office, library, or sitting room.


We hope this information was useful, and if your thinking about buying or selling in the Westchester area, keep us in mind!

Frank Morris

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Property Inspection 101

Whether you are buying a homing, or getting a home prepared for sale, we always strongly recommend that you have the property inspected either pre-sale so there are no surprises to you, the seller, and to have one before you enter in a contractual agreement to purchase the property.

One thing that scares most homebuyers away is water. Although its true that most basements are conditioned to take on some moisture, you want to thoroughly check the land surrounding the property to check for a good slope in the land along with proper drainage. Water damage can lead to more costly repairs such as re-wrapping the foundation and dreaded mold build up. You want to make sure the property was built and landscaped to encourage water to move away from the home, and if is not, that it has proper drainage to deal with the issue of water.

The next line item often worries a lot of home purchasers, and that’s the roof. The roof holds a lot of the integrity of the home as it prevents water leaks and proper run-off for weathering. The age of the roof is one thing to consider, asphalt roofs usually last about 20 years while other styles may last as long as 40 years. Although  at quick glance you can observe any patching that has been done to an asphalt roof by taking notice of the layers of asphalt that have been laid, multiple layers of patching can be a sign of the end of life for an asphalt roof.

One of the other costly projects to keep an eye out for is the electrical system. It is pretty easy to take a look at the electrical panel and notice its out of date, those cylinder old-time electrical fuses are a sure sign that the system is outdated. You may also notice if the outlets are updated, and are not the old two prong outlets. Not only can old electrical be hazardous, though depending on the size of the home, re-wiring an entire home can be pretty costly to the purchaser, as much as 15,000 or more.

There are many more components to the home inspection that we haven’t touched, although these are some of the big line items to look out for while you are searching for a home to purchase, or if you are thinking about putting your home on the market and want to determine the value of repairs.


We hope this information was helpful, and if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell real estate, please keep us in mind at Barhite and Holzinger.


Frank Morris

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Winterizing your home

bullet hole front

Getting your home ready for winter?

These tips can help you get your home ready for the winters that Westchester County homeowners often endure.


There are a couple of good reasons why it is wise to winterize your home properly and prepare for the cold temperatures. Firstly, your comfort level in your home. Secondly, by making some slight modifications that are not too costly you can save yourself some money on those dreaded utility bills.


Lets start with some of the more simple methods that are cost effective. The first would be filling in the gaps around doors and windows with caulk. Retro fitting a home and looking for air leakage or penetration can be a good way to reduce heating and cooling costs. Besides, when that warm air your furnace is creating is slipping through the cracks of your windows or doors that is your good hard earned money slipping away with it.


Proper home insulation is very important for the life of your heating and or cooling unit along with your comfort and savings. A heating or cooling unit has a much more difficult time working under harsh conditions in your attic and or basement, so be sure to properly insulate every single room in the home. If you have sealed your windows, doors, and properly retro fitted your home in the attic and or basement then you may be having an issue with your insulation. There are some economic alternatives that are a bit more effective than your standard Batt insulation such as cellulose insulation. A step further than cellulose insulation would be spray foam insulation, which can be used for sound proofing as well.


Ice damming, make sure you clean out those gutters before the harsh temperatures arrive. This will make ice damming and icicles forming less likely to happen, which means less headache for you the homeowner.


Chimney’s can be responsible for much heat loss and air penetration during the summer. Make sure you have your chimney insulated with an inflatable blocker, just make sure that the blocker is fit to size.


On a larger scale in retro fitting your home, you may want to look into updating your heating and HVAC system to a more energy efficient air system, the pricing varies pretty drastically depending on your budget, but all systems manufactured now are given an energy rating, so choose wisely. A lot of the older steam and oil heating systems are unfortunately wallet burners for the homeowner.


Hope you found these tips useful.




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